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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“My three children have all had braces with Noxon Orthodontics. Each needed a different treatment. I can’t believe the difference in my oldest son’s teeth. They look fabulous. Dr. Noxon’s office is easy to work with. The proximity to the WMS & WHS makes it really easy. My children ride their bikes to their appointments. If something comes up with school or sports, the office is very understanding and accommodating. Steve does a great job explaining the treatment to the kids and removing any anxiety. I highly recommend Noxon Orthodontics.” — Maura W.

“My wife, my oldest daughter, and I have all received braces from Dr. Noxon. As a business owner in my late 40s, I was thrilled with the team’s punctuality, professionalism, and overall great demeanor. The only downside was my teenage daughter would not allow me to tell her friends that she and I were both going to the same orthodontist. At least it gave the staff something to rib me about!

“It took me a few years gain the courage to stop feeling self-conscious about my teeth and make the decision to get them corrected. I am thrilled with the experience and the results. My youngest daughter will be getting braces shortly; I am happy to report she will allow me to tell her friends we both used Dr. Noxon. I give Dr. Noxon and his staff the highest recommendation.” — Dave M.

“Everyone, from the folks welcoming you on the phone or front desk, to the staff and Dr. Noxon himself, makes the visit comfortable, effective, and quick. There is a great balance between professionalism for the parents and fun for the kids. Highly recommend the practice.” — Phyllis T. 

“In 2010, I showed up at Noxon Orthodontics very apprehensive about getting braces in my late 20s. After consulting with Dr. Noxon and others in the office, I finally (begrudgingly) made the decision to get braces in April of 2011, and it’s a decision I will not ever regret. The meticulous and caring nature of both Dr. Noxon and other office personnel there make the experience worthwhile, and the friendly atmosphere actually makes you look forward to your next office visit.

“From April of 2011 through December of 2013, I had to visit the office every month for a monthly checkup. Upon arriving at the office each month, there were always a number people in the lounge area waiting to be seen. Despite the constant traffic in and out of that office, I cannot recall ONE time in two-plus years where any of my appointments were either cancelled or delayed. This allowed me to accurately plan my day around my appointment with no fear of the appointment being late or delayed. They were also very agreeable to my schedule, which included coming from Boston most appointment days, and would even be available for an emergency on the weekends or holidays.

“In December of 2013, I got my braces off. The change in my teeth was absolutely stunning, and couldn’t believe the work that they had done for me. Before getting braces, there were times where I was very self-conscious about my smile. Today I can’t wait to show off my smile because I know how awesome my teeth look, and it’s all thanks to the work done by Dr. Noxon. The only regret I have is that I don’t get to go back every month to visit the great people in that office.

“If you, your child, or someone you know is thinking about getting braces, please tell them not to hesitate and to call Dr. Noxon’s office. Dawn, the patient specialist, will walk you through everything you need to know and will get you all the applicable information needed. I highly recommend using Dr. Noxon and his outstanding practice.” — Jim T.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Noxon and his team at Noxon Orthodontics. From the minute you walk in the door, everyone who greets you is friendly, professional, and helpful. They are extremely flexible and accommodating with appointments and scheduling. Dr. Noxon is excellent at what he does; two of my sons were in braces and now have beautiful smiles. My next two children are on their way!” — Ginny C.

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