Solutions For Adults

About one in five orthodontic patients are adults. Most adults want to enhance their smile, straighten teeth that have shifted over time, or address tooth positions that are leading to other dental problems – tooth decay, gum disease, unusual wear on tooth surfaces, or difficulty chewing.

Adult treatment approaches:


**Below is a sample of patients who recently finished treatment at Noxon Orthodontics. All of the cases below are REAL patients who were treated using Invisalign or braces.**

Typical reasons for treatment:

A beautiful smile

Most patients simply want straight, beautiful smiles! It does not matter if there is a small space, mild crowding, or a few crooked teeth, almost everyone loves a beautiful, radiant smile, even if they do not have major functional concerns.



Crowded teeth are often more difficult to clean and put teeth are greater risk for cavities and gum disease. Because crowded teeth do not contact uniformly, they are also more susceptible to uneven tooth wear, tooth chipping, tooth trauma, cheek/lip biting, etc.



Most people do not like the appearance of spacing and like to see them closed. Spaces can also contribute to getting food stuck between your teeth, gum issues, and tooth socket bone loss.


Touch-Up Treatments

So many adult patients identify small issues in their smile that they would like to tweak. It’s not uncommon for us to treat these issues in a matter of months and most patients choose Invisalign for these simple adjustments.

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